Working from home? Here's how it is done!


5 tips for your home office

1. Set up a workplace
Even without an office, you can set up a designated working area in your home. A kitchen table can turn into a working desk if needed!
Make sure to remove distracting items and be focused.

2. Dress code at home?
Don’t get comfortable in your pajamas. Stick to your routine by getting ready for the day just like you would for any regular workday.

3. Establish working hours
Designated breaks, meetings and working hours are essential to creating a healthy work-life balance. Use your breaks to rest. Clear your mind and return to work refreshed.

4. Set goals
It is easy to get distracted at home. So, the best way to keep organized and finish tasks is to set goals for each day or the week. Use to-do-lists and keep up with tasks that are due.

5. Organize coffee breaks with colleagues
Socializing with colleagues is essential. Even if you can’t see each other in person the best way to keep in contact is to schedule coffee breaks. Meet up virtually and have small chat about your day.

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