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No matter whether car sharing or digital platform - at the third EDL-Circle of the trade magazine Automobil Industrie on 5 December 2019 the leading engineering companies showed how much potential there is in the industry. The participating experts came, among others, from the ASAP Group, EDAG, FEV Europe GmbH, DRÄXLMAIER and imat-uve. 

The companies presented new products and business models that could determine the development of mobility in the coming years. With "SVEN", Michael Hog from the FEV Group introduced an E-concept car that was developed purely as a car sharing product and offers a solution for problematic and overcrowded individual traffic in large cities. "Sharing is caring" - for this reason Claas Blume from the Frauenhofer Institute founded the start-up company "Clous", a platform that provides design tasks from companies for independent designers in order to optimally bundle the engineering resources of the market.  

 Let's get on the data highway. Digitization is gathering speed among service providers.  

Digitization enables collecting and evaluating data from the analog business in order to permanently further develop products and eliminate sources of error at an early stage. For this reason, the supplier DRÄXLMAIER relies on a digital twin that evaluates both performance and production data in order to permanently improve products. With the spin-off Brain of Materials, imat-uve presented a digital platform that will revolutionize product development processes.   

 Brain of Materials supports designers, engineers and architects with lots of information about innovative materials and their features such as the description of material properties, 3D scans and results from material testing. The platform thus connects the analog with the digital business.  

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