Happy Easter!


Happy Easter high precision solar box imat

Easter is just around the corner, and temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius mean that an early summer weekend awaits us in Germany. We wish you a relaxing time!

Our Easter Bunny has chosen a very special place this year: The high precision solar box. There, it feels especially warm and comfortable.

Did you know? In the high precision line, we develop products for demanding, standardized test methods with complex requirements. The high precision solar boxes are test boxes that can be used to perform sun simulation tests on interior components according to standards or OEM specifications. The influence of humidity, temperature and UV radiation as well as the air flow in the vehicle can thus be simulated within the climate chamber test. This makes it possible to carry out tests comparable and as close as possible to the actual weather conditions.

If you would like to know more about the high precision solar boxes or need an individual offer, please contact our colleague Christoph Bücken.

The week after Easter, we have attractive offers for the high precision solar boxes ready for you. Don’t miss the Easter deal!

Read more about the high precision solar boxes here.

All other products of the imat high precision line can be found in our online shop.

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