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Measuring and analyzing is part of the daily business of imat-uve. Sometimes the values ​​are above, sometimes below distinct limits. This time, imat-uve has exceeded the average comparison values ​​by a multiple! But don’t worry – we don’t speak of pollutants, but of the evaluation regarding the workshop on 1 March! Within the scope of the customer workshop "Emission and Odor of the Vehicle Interior" the satisfaction of the participants was evaluated and the results show that the seminars are very popular and of high quality and that imat clients can benefit from the experts presentation. 

The entire workshop was rated "very good" and "good" by 96 percent of the participants. The overall organization also got best marks: 76 percent rated the organization as "very good" and 21percent as "good". The up-to-dateness of the lectures even reached 100 percent "very good" and "good". 

Overall, the individual presentations on emissions and odor received top marks (more than 85 percent very good and good). In line with demand, further seminars are on schedule for 2018.

Further information about the upcoming events can be found on our event page.

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