VIAQ experts discuss current topics at "Emissions and Odor (VIAQ)" Workshop in Shanghai


Emissions Workshop 2019 Shanghai

imat’s senior manager for VIAQ, VOC, Odor, Dr. Michael Holzwarth starts the first workshop day with a lecture on emission tests and understanding the influencing Parameters. During his second lecture Dr. Holzwarth will give an overview of the fundamentals of odor perception. Wang Yanmeng Project Manager from CATARC Automotive Test Center (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is speaking on the topic of odor. Specifically, he will explain the origin of odor, occurring problems and suitable solutions.

In the second session, Dr. Caroline Widdowson, Business Development Manager from Markes International, will report on emerging solutions for VOC & SVOC sampling and the analysis of vehicle interior materials. In his final speech, Dr. Holzwarth will present the advancements in sample preparation for emissions tests. Dr. Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, imat Management Board, is presenting an overview of several innovative approaches to dealing with emissions and odor in the car interior.

Prior to the final discussion, Dr. Shuaike Shi from Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. will report on non-emission/low emission solutions for PU materials in automotive interior.

The second day of our workshop will start with David Qiu from GERSTEL (Shanghai) Ltd. He will be speaking on pyrolysis for material characterization. Dr. Nathalie Nibbe Senior Consultant of Olfasense GmbH will then be report on the identification of malodors via GC-sniffing. Reducing the smell in new cars is a challenging task. This lecture will explain methods on how to identify odor relevant compounds. Subsequently, Nils Krümmel, Laboratory and R&D Director from Mankiewicz Shanghai Innovative Coating Technology Co., will be reporting on the topic of better air by choosing the right product. He focuses on the effect that coated interior components have on odor behavior. Dr. Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, will then present standard materials for odor and emission tests.

In the final session, Guangliang Zhong from BAIC Group Off-road Vehicle Co. Ltd., will give an insight on the different technologies to control and measure in-vehicle air Quality.

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