What you should know about emissions and odor!


This year our sixth annual workshop “Emissions and Odor (VIAQ)” took place in Shanghai on 18 and 19 July. During the two days, VIAQ experts from OEMs, automotive suppliers, test equipment manufacturers and service providers covered current topics and innovations in validation methods and low emission parts.

Furthermore, there were several opportunities for networking between participants and speakers. As a surprise for all participants, Borussia Mönchengladbach visited us and talked about their engagement in China and the similarities between imat and Borussia besides sharing the same hometown.

Among all participants and speakers, a comprehensive survey was carried out. The survey results were outstanding. The participants were very satisfied and rated the whole workshop as "excellent" and "great". The success of the workshop is primarily based on the quality of the lectures. Most of the participants graded the quality with “excellent” and “great”. Furthermore, the topicality of lectures worked even better, proved by 96% of the attendees giving the grade “excellent” and “great”. The workshop participants gave the best grades to the lecture of Dr. Michael Holzwarth “Emissions tests: Understanding the influencing parameters”. 100% of the auditorium rated the lecture with “excellent” and “great”. In the organization of the workshop, we were able to enhance again. 95% of the participants were very satisfied with the organization (2018: 90%).

We are happy about the excellent results and would like to thank all participants. We look forward to welcoming many interested guests again next year.

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