Michael Wolf won the Young Creation Award: Upcycling 2017 at ‘Heimtextil’


We congratulate our master student Michael Wolf for the award of his design concept “Inemuri hitotsu”, a desk mat for sleeping made of recycled textiles. As part of a project at the University of Applied Science Niederrhein, he developed a process to produce yarn that are 100 percent made of textile waste. His model for the office nap is an inspiration from Japan and follows the Mottainai idea “Don’t waste!”. Hence the use of recycled material has here a meaningful combination with an innovative design idea. The mat is foldable, easy to transport and with a few steps a kind of cave is made where behind it the user can hold a nap shielded from its environment. We would like to test in practice!

At imat-uve, Michael works on his master degree in the field of textile products, focus on design, with innovative knitting techniques.

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