imat at the conference "Weathering of plastics"


The two-day conference "Weathering of plastics" at the SKZ- Das Kunststoff-Zentrum takes place in Würzburg on June 21-22.

At the first conference day, imat-uve will give an insight into advancements in the field of interior testing. Christoph Bücken , head of design Engineering, introduces solar simulation boxes developed by imat-uve, which are used to measure the aging processes of plastic components like in the vehicle. Influences such as humidity, temperature or even UV radiation intensity affect the service life of components and can be evaluated with the test boxes.

In order to ensure comparability to real environmental influences, the development of the solar simulation box was verified by the expertise of imat-uve both with the environmental simulation (laboratory) and the outdoor weathering (own site in South Africa).

These boxes have meanwhile influenced the development of the OEM test standards for solar simulation.

The presentation "Development of solar simulation boxes for the validation of interior components" takes place at 1:40pm.

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