Book outdoor weathering in South Africa now!


On the other side of the globe, in the very south, summer begins. Ideal to store samples for outdoor weathering. Now the tests start with the extreme temperatures and take the other seasons with them. On the imat test site in the South African Kalahari Desert, both dry-hot and humid-hot weathering tests are possible. This saves time and money!

South Africa offers ideal conditions:

  • Wide temperature range allows accelerated stress on components and material
  • High annual radiation dose causes heavy strain
  • Material and component tests at one site lead to comparable damage patterns
  • No danger to samples from hurricanes or tornadoes
  • Higher moisture exchange compared to known reference climates


Samples in the best hands: Willem Jordaan is our man on the spot

With 13 years of testing experience, Willem is a specialist in outdoor weathering. He joined imat-uve in June 2019 as an engineer in weathering testing at Volkswagen, where he is responsible for the South African test site. The best conditions for the tests in the field. 


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