PSA approves imat-uve for lab certifications in the field of flammability tests


The PSA Group has reorganized the field of fire testing for its suppliers worldwide.
With immediate effect, it is mandatory for all flammability tests for material release according to D45 1333 that an accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025 is available at the supplier or laboratory and a release by PSA (type 1 laboratories).
For further combustion tests in development and series control, certification is also required in the future. This is provided either by PSA or by an approved external laboratory such as imat-uve as an external certifier.
If suppliers want to carry out combustion tests in their internal laboratories according to D45 1333, FMVSS302, VSTD 19, GMW3232, or other standards, certification is mandatory.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this currently cannot be carried out by PSA itself, but only by approved service providers off-site.
imat-uve offers all suppliers of the PSA Group worldwide remote auditing using its Augmented Reality Tool, imat AR.
The auditing process includes, among other things, document review and evaluation as well as process flow testing including the measurement of comparative samples provided by imat-uve.
The advantage of this imat-uve procedure is that the approval for the required firing tests can be obtained at short notice despite the current situation.

If you, as a supplier of the PSA Group, require this external certification, please contact
Carmen Pelters, Head of Project Engineering & Sales, Phone +49 (0)2161 6865-159.

For all methods available, see: Service specifications

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