Volkswagen approved imat as a service provider for emissions and odor tests according to VW 50180


Volkswagen approved imat as a service provider for emissions and odor tests according to VW 50180

After successfully participating in round-robin tests for the VW 50180 emission standard, the imat branches in Mönchengladbach and Shanghai were certified by the Volkswagen Group as a test service provider for emissions and odor tests. The following tests in Mönchengladbach and Shanghai are approved:

PV 3015 (fogging)

PV 3341 (Headspace)

PV 3925 (formaldehyde)

PV 3900 (odor)

The odor test for leather according to PV 3900-L also got approval at the imat branch in Atlanta, USA.

imat is thus one of the few service providers worldwide to be certified for these five test standards by VW.

Already at the beginning of the year Volkswagen had granted the company approval for numerous testing procedures for material and components. The certificate includes climate and exposure tests, paint tests, physical and chemical tests as well as textile tests for the branches in Mönchengladbach, Heimsheim, Shanghai and Atlanta.

The company was also successful in the Olfasense proficiency test, which was initiated by German car manufacturers. The high competence of imat in the field of emissions and VIAQ was once again confirmed. The following emission test methods are covered by the round-robin test:

ISO 12219-4 and -6 (1m³ chamber) in Stuttgart and Shanghai

ISO 12219-7 (Odor) in Stuttgart and Shanghai

ISO 12219-3 (Microchamber) in Mönchengladbach

VDA 278 in Mönchengladbach and Shanghai

For imat, this success is another milestone in the implementation of the company's strategy of establishing itself as a global and reliable partner for OEMs.

Learn more about accreditations and approvals here.

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