What you should know if you want to optimize the odor of your product


The odor of materials for vehicle interiors is becoming increasingly important. Material developers and quality engineers are often faced with the problem of negative odor evaluation and must find a remedy. The greatest hurdle is the introduction to odor optimization. In the webinar "What you should know if you want to optimize the odor of your product" you can overcome this hurdle together with Dr. Michael Holzwarth, Head of Competence Center VIAQ, VOC, Odor.

In the webinar on 07 May 2020 you will learn:

• Why the sense of odor plays a significant part and how it works
• How odor perception depends on the concentration of an odorant
• How to obtain valuable information on odor substances in materials and components easily

Secure a place, participation is free of charge but limited!


The webinar has already taken place. If you are interested in another webinar on this topic, please contact:

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