Continuing on the path of expansion - imat-uve found a new home for some of its departments

The design and engineering service provider is expanding its office capacities in Monforts Quartier, Mönchengladbach (Germany)

In the end of 2014 the German company imat-uve moved into a second location in Monforts Quartier, which should be an expanding of the premises in Krefelder Straße. In the meantime the company grew so that new rooms were rented in Mönchengladbach. “The head office on the Krefelder Straße is bursting at the seams, so we shifted other departments to Monforts Quartier”, describes Dr. Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, CEO of imat-uve, the procedure. In addition to Design, Development and Construction the departments Marketing and IT are represented there now. The service provider for the automotive industry is on expansion course, especially in the growing markets in China and the US. Therefore the company increased the staff in the last month – also at the headquarter in Mönchengladbach.

The old premises of the Monforts textile machine factory were chosen, because of the outstanding rooms and suitable atmosphere to accommodate the company’s material library and the creative labor. Interested people from the automotive industry and other sectors, for example from the furniture industry and architecture, can find information and inspirations about innovative material. Regularly, designer and developer from imat-uve compile changing material moodboards following current trends and technical innovations.

imat-uve Standort im Monforts Quartier

„The goal of the material library is not only to give our clients inspiration, but also to develop the material and to equip the material to meet a wide range of requirements“, expresses Dr. Hans Schlegelmilch his pleasure about the highlight. The material library, located in Monforts Quartier, has got what it needs to become the heart of the company. Because material is not only the raw material from which components are produced. Materials convey values and emotions and also trigger memories and experiences and turn the interior – for example of a ca r- into an experience!

„Look, feel, sound, smell: We perceive all these things with our senses consciously or subconsciously and this leads to aversion or well being“, says Schlegelmilch. The extensive library of innovative materials and surfaces as well as many years of experience in testing and developing of materials and components help the company to evaluate materials not only from the design point of view, but also taking the technical feasibility into account. The need for cost optimization and sustainability especially in the automotive industry is a key question regarding materials und surfaces.

How to balance between costs and quality of materials? How to substitute materials without influencing the required characteristics? How does the costumer perceive quality? imat-uve is concentrating on individual solutions for all these questions with his services in development engineering. „The link between the library and technical performance data of the materials is our unique selling proposition“, explains Dr. Hans Peter Schlegelmilch. „For example we develop existing materials to replace others without missing out on the qualities of the original. This is interesting especially for small and medium sized cars. In the premium segment, our designers and developers can use innovative and high-quality materials, which determine the individual character of the individual brand.“

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