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Online Seminar "Odor in the Vehicle Interior"

Workshop "Emissions and odor in the vehicle interior"

On 30 September and 1 October 2020, imat-uve invites all experts from the automotive and plastics industry to the Online Seminar "Odor in the Vehicle Interior".

In the seminar we focus on the following questions:

  • How does our sense of smell actually work and what is so special about it?
  • How to organize the selection and training of a panel for odor testing?
  • How can the quality of the results of an odor panel be maintained and improved?
  • Which odor tests are used for materials and components of the automotive interior and how are they performed?
  • Are there instrumental alternatives to human sensory evaluation?
  • Is it possible to use odor in the vehicle in a specific way?

Aim of the seminar:

  • Detailed overview of the topic " Odor in the vehicle interior", background, methods and prospects

Target audience:

  • Technicians, laboratory staff, managers, engineers from the fields of development, quality and testing

Click here for the agenda.

Date: 30 September & 1 October 2020

Registration fee: €490 excl. VAT*, per person
- Limited early bird discount of 20% available, only until 31 August! -
(Discount applies only to the regular price, cannot be combined with other discounts.)



30 September 2020 (morning, tbd, appr. 9:00 am – 1:00 pm)
Session 1 "Introduction to olfactory perception and evaluation"

  • Physiological and psychophysical principles of olfactory perception (Dr. Michael Holzwarth, imat-uve gmbh)
  • Methods and influencing parameters of odor tests according to different car manufacturers (Clement Negra, imat-uve gmbh)
  • The odor impression of mixtures - Intensity and character (Dr. Michael Holzwarth, imat-uve gmbh)
  • Fragrancing the car (Dennis Borghoff, imat-uve gmbh)
  • Discussion / Q&A

1 October 2020 (afternoon, tbd, appr. 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
Session 2 "Which nose smells best? Human vs. machine"

  • Odor optimization in practice (Markus Eickeler, imat-uve gmbh)
  • Odor panel management – from the first idea to a qualified panel (Matthias Büsselmann, imat-uve gmbh)
  • Training an odor panel with standard materials (Tobias Platzen, imat-uve gmbh)
  • Use of electronische noses (Benjamin Riegger, Leiter F&E, Smelldect GmbH)
  • Diskussion / Q&A

The workshop will be held in German language. If you are interested in a seminar in English, please contact us by email at




The Online Seminar "Weathering for the validation of car components" will be held simultaneously on 30 September (afternoon) and 1 October 2020 (morning).
If you would like to book both events, please contact us at You will receive a 50 percent discount for the second event!
(Discount applies only to the regular price, cannot be combined with other discounts.)



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