How to measure the quality of coated surfaces

The webinar explains how different test methods help to evaluate coated surfaces

imat sample holder laid down in PSA standard

For Martindale tests with Velcro tape imat’s innovative sample holders are now mandatory

How to optimize the odor valuation of materials

Tobias Platzen, Project Manager, and Dr. Michael Holzwarth, Head of Competence Center VIAQ, VOC, Odor at imat-uve, explain in a webinar how to easily build up the best possible assessment competence

imat-uve receives PSA approval for supplier certifications

For flammability tests internal labs (type 2) must be audited by imat-uve

Meet the paint and coatings experts

VILF annual conference 2020 in November - What’s new in paint and coatings?

Podcast tip!

“Providing a holistic view on material data.”

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