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Excellent evaluation of our services - Thank you for your feedback!

imat-uve May 25, 2022 < 1 min read

To ensure our customers' satisfaction and the quality of our services, customer feedback has always been of utmost importance to us.

Regular customer surveys provide valuable feedback to optimize our services and processes and gain valuable insights. Thus, as every year, we surveyed our provided services.


We want to thank all participants and highlight some valuable responses:


Long-term customer loyalty 

Out of all survey participants, nearly 55% have been working with imat-uve for more than three years. This is a great indicator of the trust and satisfaction our customers have with services at imat-uve.  


Broad range of services 

Approximately 85% of all participants rate our range of accreditations & certifications as "very good" to "good".


More than 75% of the participants rate the features "wide range of services", "easy order processing," or adherence to delivery dates at imat-uve as "very good to good." 

Top 5 criteria for the decision to award a contract

#1: Accreditations & certifications

#2: Correctness of results

#3: Informative value and comprehensibility of the documents/reports

#4: Reliability of deadlines

#5: Competence of employees


The feedback makes us proud and motivates us to continue to provide excellent services.