Service specifications

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Title Description
Odor - Odor test
Odour profile (qualitative) Odour profile (qualitative), examination of the qualitative odour without pretreatment
Opel QK 002000 - Techn. Delivery of Materials ABS
Opel QK 00400 - Blends of PP und EPDM resp. EPM with fillers for interior and exterior components of the automotive body
Opel TM 346000 - Material Spezification - Body Equipment PVC Foam artificial leather
Optical sample measurement Optical sample measurement
Out door weathering
Out door weathering Out door weathering
Outdoor weathering Outdoor weathering
Oven drying Oven drying
Oven drying (100°C) Dry matter and water content at 100°C
Oxidative aging of the heavy layer Test of oxidative aging of the heavy layer