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Innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) enable computer-aided extended views of reality in which additional information about real objects or environments can be displayed. imat-uve uses this technology to easily communicate with customers at various stages of the testing or engineering project or to address problems. Especially now, when personal meetings are not possible, imat-AR closes the gap and creates efficient coordination processes and quality improvements.
With imat-AR an interactive and location-independent acceptance, inspection and demonstration of processes, products and services can be ensured.

The advantages for customers:

  • Discuss possibilities of sampling or special features of the sample before sending send out the component.
  • Coordination and review of the test setup before a complex test, in a simple, fast way.
  • With AR-supported component assessment during and after tests, intermediate and final results can be presented and explained.
  • Inspection and testing of the technical equipment designed by imat-uve.
  • Practical training and education can be carried out easily and clearly.

imat-AR enables transparent monitoring of the component tests and thus compliance with the required quality standard.

To find out more about imat-AR and how you can benefit from it, contact us at:

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